An Imperfectly Perfect Beauty

The imperfect beauty is the perfect beauty. The quest for perfect beauty is in reality the journey of satisfying one’s thirst of perfection driven by an awareness of his own imperfection.

You’re beautiful because you’re imperfect.

It is the thickness of your lips,

the freckles on your arms,

the scar on your upper lip,

the shrill in your laughter,

the high pitch laughter,

the husky voice of yours,

the wide smile of yours,

the lopsided grin of yours,

the wide sensual jaw,

the chubby face,

the toothless look of your grin

that makes your beauty perfect!

For a perfectionist like me, the imperfections in your beauty are what make you perfectly beautiful.

They are the dumbo ears beneath your thick hair,

the dimples you show whenever you smile,

the crooked upper teeth,

the metal brace on your teeth,

the thickness of your lips,

the broad shoulders you have,

the wide hips,

those slanted lazy eyes,

the straight lines on you cheeks whenever you press your lips,

the freckles on your complexion

that make your imperfect beauty complete my imperfect desire of perfectionism.

Perfectionism is all about details. Thus, the unforgettable details of your imperfection are what make my life and yours complete.


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