Power Balance is a phenomenal product that has rocked the world since its launch. Claiming its strength to improve body balance thus increases physical ability, PB has garnered praises and wide acceptance in sports world and common people alike.

With its ability in correcting body balance at its critical point, PB was first introduced and marketed to, naturally, surfers. Within a short period of time, PB quickly becomes a hype. Through gradual process, PB started to gain attention from other sport fields, first in America, before it finally achieve international fame.

How Does It Work?

According to the company description, “PB is a mylar hologram embedded with a range of frequencies found in nature which react positively with one’s body energy field. By improving body stability, PB user has improved body balance and body flexibility. The whole effect will create a sense of well being among its users.”

Since a single experiment worth more than a thousand words, the company has designed four balance tests to prove PB wristband power. Interestingly, these tests can be performed by anybody.

As convincing as it looks, PB shows that it can improve body balance in a way that makes people feel strange. Another plus point is that PB apparently helps its user to sleep better (almost dreamless to some people).

First marketed in the form of bracelets, PB expands its line to necklace filled with hologram stickers and plastic card with three or six PB stickers on it. As to PB cards, the stickers can be detached from the card and stick on a wrist watch, a surf board, or inside shoes.

How It Really Works

Though personal experience and real life facts show PB’s strength, I still have a strong interest on how PB’s affects body balance. It is very intriguing to know where the power of PB really comes because it is just strange to see and to experience that two hologram stickers with natural frequency printed on it can do much in affecting body balance. So, it just feels that PB is too good to be true.

A look at PB’s website does reveal enough explanation on how it really works since the description is rather general. Well, it is understandable if they do not explain their secret while Coca-Cola and many famous brand do not do it either. The founder of the company acknowledge that a scientific test on PB is doable, but the cost is beyond the company budget. In short, nobody but the inventors know how it really performs.


On the other side of the public, the skeptics are dubious of its effect. To check PB’s claim, they conducted similar tests as performed by PB sales team. Only this time, they made a little modification which purpose is to check the consistency of PB’s claim. If it is real, it should be able to shine in reverse condition.

Interestingly, their tests are able to show that PB did not always yield the same result as promoted in their campaign. Using double blind test technique and any other way, skeptics conclude that PB brings nothing but placebo effect to its users.

Even an ordinary rubber band was able to imitate PB’s effect in improving body balance just because the person using it believe it is PB.  Additionally, another skeptics successfully failed PB influence, on his hand, just by contradicting its power in his mind while a guy did the test on him. The fact that PB cannot provide scientific test result of its product further enhance the suspicion.

Although skeptics can prove PB questionable effect, strong supporters of it are still unconvinced. They have their own stories which describe amazing improvement after wearing one. Those who feel positive even go further by loading himself up with as many PBs as possible. For example, a surfer put seven PB stickers on his surf board and won a surfing competition. Football and basketballplayers wears two PB bracelets and put two PB stickers inside their shoes. With evidence like that and testimonials from many PB users, including the silent ones, it is a tough time to deny PB ever growing strength.

Testing Power Balance Properly

Personally, the double blind test on PB is not convincing enough because what they tested is replicating PB balance test with modification. Though successful, double blind test result cannot be generalized because the skeptics only focused in checking PB consistency in reversed balance test whereas testing PB potential in real performance situation is neglected.

To get the most valid result, PB should be tested in real life action where it is intended to shine. There are several ways that I can suggest. First, find five physically fit people who has no knowledge of whatsoever about Power Balance. Next, give them PB wristbands and tell the test taker to wear them. DON’T explain what it is and what it can do. After that, ask them to do these:

  1. Tell the five people to do 100 m dash test. For the first time, put PB wrist bands around their hands and order them to run as fast as they can. At the same moment, time them and put it in record. After that, repeat the same thing twice. Then, tell them to take off their bracelets and do the dash again for three times. Don’t forget to time them also. When you are done, compare their time record with and without PB. Is there any improvement?
  2. Tell them to pretend like professional baseball pitchers. Order them to throw straight ball as fast as they can, wearing PB, while you time and record the ball’s speed (You are going to need a speed trap gun for this). Do this three times. The second round, do the throwing again without PB. After that, compare your notes. Which record is the fastest, with PB or without PB?
  3. Swimming test. Take them to a swimming pool and tell them to swim back and forth for three laps, PB on. Tell them to use Freestyle and time them. The next round, tell them to do the exact thing, PB off, and keep on timing them. Compare your notes again and check if there is any difference with PB or not.
  4. Shooting test. Tell the test takers to put on their PB. Give them a gun, pistol or rifle, and order them to shoot five times at their targets. Take off their band, give a new target, and ask them to do the same thing five times. Compare the result, which give in better result?

Those tests should be able to bring out the desired result of whether or not PB can improve body balance and increase physical performance. You can always modify the test by substituting swimming with, e.g., Kendo/Karate kumite, MTB downhill run, mountain/wall climbing race, gun shooting, etc. In order to improve its validity, it is advisable to videotape all the tests as back up evidence.


Up to the present, there has not been any conclusive argument about the truth of Power Balance effect. The skeptics believed PB has little value and the test procedure they have created is rigged to bring consistent result, no matter who carry it. Moreover, they lambaste it for stealing people’s money for a product with such little value. Those who believe in PB are criticized as being stupid.

On the other side, the loyal users of PB are sure that it really has positive effect in their life. Some of these users are willing to give their testimonials in public while some others prefer to keep their opinion secret, afraid to reveal their secret weapon :). Furthermore, PB supporters accuse the skeptics as jealous to PB’s quick success.

Nevertheless, only a mulit-sided test carried out by neutral party can only settle the truth of PB. Since a thorough scientific test is difficult to be realized, a double blind test should do well to bring an acceptable result of PB’s true performance. Surely, the test must evaluate Power Balance in actual daily life performance.

Maintenance Guide

If you have a PB products, these are the tips which can make your PB last long.

  • PB bracelets, cards, and necklace are guaranteed to work well in dry or wet weather. Certainly, that does not mean a PB card can stand hot temperature, no information about cold temperature. So, use your sense and logic when you are using it in indoor or outdoor environment.
  • If you have PB bracelets, you can clean it with cool water (NOT hot water). Use soft brush to sweep away dust, grime or mud sticked on it. If you have PB card, put it in a tight sealed plastic cover. If necessary, you can punch a hole on the card and use a thin rope to turn it into a kind of necklace.
  • PB bracelet looks cool and eye-catching around your wrist, but it may look too cool in performing body contact sport. To keep it safe from being accidentally pulled or hooked, you have to wear a sport wristband to cover it.
  • Keep your PB bracelets in your pants or shirt pocket when you do your “business” in the loo. You don’t wanna get it splashed, do you.

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